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    Carolyn catered a corporate event for us, and did an amazing job! She was professional, communicative, and most of all the food was absolutely delicious. She helped coordinate several other vendors to make this event a huge success, and to alleviate so much stress for me. If I could utilize Carolyn's services for every event, I would! She was the best. My only complaint is that she doesn't have a restaurant!

    Shawna S.
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    Valarie Walston Carolyn and her staff was professional and did a great job. The food was delicious. I will be using Carolyn’s Creole Kitchen again.

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    Had brunch here today with my wife and her GF. The service was great, food was delicious. We had the Rookie 2, seasoned crab. It was seasoned to perfection, with just the right amount of spices and warm butter. It was held at a wine tasting warehouse in Richmond. Ms. Carolyn was a very gracious and personable hostess.
    Howard J.
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    Carolyn catered for our department's year end celebration at Rigger's Loft in Richmond. She is such a pleasure to work with and was always very responsive to my questions, concerns, and asks for suggestions. We did many iterations to the menu and she was accommodating for our guests with dietary restrictions. She is very familiar with that venue, as she has done many other events there before. Carolyn and her staff arrived to the venue early to prep. 

    Now let's get to the important stuff - the food! We enjoyed the deviled eggs, shrimp mojo shrimp sliders, the roasted vegetables, and most definitely the chicken flings! The chicken flings were by far the most popular item. They arrived fresh and hot with each batch. At the end of the night, she also packed up leftover foods for us. 

    I'd recommend Carolyn if you are looking for a reliable caterer who can deliver on tasty food items. As someone on the planning end, she made my life a lot easier and nothing makes me happier as a planner than when people appreciate and enjoy food choices that were made. 

    Thanks much Carolyn!

    Cream Pie at Carolyn's Creole Kitchen - Creole Food Catering Services Richmond

    Wish I took more pics that day. But here are the deviled eggs!

    Anh C.
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    I had an event at Rigger's Loft Winery in Point Richmond recently, and knew in advance that Carolyn's Creole Kitchen was going to be the food truck for that evening. I was so lucky! She was kind enough to make some of her delicious deviled eggs, veggie skewers and corn bread in advance and was so friendly and easy to work with. And the food! The order-ahead stuff was divine (especially the deviled eggs, just _such_ perfect deviled eggs with a little spicy kick) and the gumbo was fantastic. Highly recommend catching her and her highly skilled crew next time she's at Rigger's Loft, she'll be there Aug 17th, 18th and 31st. Come early so you don't miss out on her Mac and Cheese, it's a favorite and is available for a hot second before everyone gets word it's back there!

    Kristin m.
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    We recently had Carolyn and her team cater our Steak and Lobster Safety lunch at the DC Fremont Living Spaces. They were Awesome! So friendly and helpful. They definitely know what providing exceptional customer service is! The food was of great quality and delicious! I highly recommend them!

    Steak Lobster at Carolyn's Creole Kitchen - Creole Food Catering Services Oakland

    Darlene K.
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    If you see a posting for an event GO! shes at RIGGERS LOFT WINERY in Richmond for pop up dinner sales. Chicken gumbo, seafood gumbo, meatloaf make u wanna slap myself cuz I shared! Wings and deviled eggs and mac n cheese and EVERYTHING!!! ORDER, EAT & that order!

    Healthy Wealthy Food - Southern Homestyle Cooking Oakland by Carolyn's Creole Kitchen

    Kimberly C.
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    Carolyn's Creole Kitchen provides food at the winery infrequent in Richmond CA. I ordered the peach cobbler to take home, and she was kind enough to give me a sample of the gumbo. One bite and I was sold! Went back and purchased an order. The food is amazing and Carolyn and staff are really nice. Highly recommend!

    Adrienne R.
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    Carolyn's Creole Kitchen provided the food/service for my grandmothers funeral. Not only was the food amazing but the service was exceptional. Carolyn is very professional and returned every phone call of mine promptly. My family is from Louisiana so it was important that the food was right. She gave me direction and suggestions and it came out perfect! My favorite was the fried chicken. Perfectly crispy, warm, and flavorful. She likes to serve the food hot so everything was made on the spot. I called other caterers and one caterer I had a really hard time connecting with. The other caterer was going to drop off the food with no service and at a higher cost. In the end, I chose Carolyn because she answered her phone, understood we were in a time crunch, and her prices were very reasonable. I believe we'll have a long relationship as she is just a pleasure to work with. Thank you Carolyn!

    Melinda m.
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    Their mac and cheese is the best : spicy, creamy, cheesy sauce over al dente noodles. If you're looking for something else in mac and cheese, I'm not sure we should be friends.

    Erich V.
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    Carolyn's Creole Kitchen just provided the catering for our large Family Reunion/Wedding Celebration and they are AMAZING!!! I was first thoroughly pleased about how responsive Carolyn was with all of our emails and calls regarding event details, requests, etc.  She set up a tasting in which she came to us and provided a WONDERFUL sampling of her food (and generous portions at that).  She was also very mindful of our budget and helped us come up with a wonderful menu that would fit within it. On the day of the event, she and her team arrived on time and were absolutely professional and a pleasure to work with.  Everyone was raving not only about the super tasty food, but about how friendly and kind her staff was.  I have no doubt that I will work with her again in the future and I will definitely refer her to other friends and family! She's wonderful and you won't be disappointed if you hire her!!

    Chef Carolyn Silas-Sams and Staff Serving at Carolyn's Creole Kitchen Food Stall

    Jessica H.
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    This place was fantastic. They were catering at the 1st annual Zydeco by the Bay in Sausalito on Oct. 12th. I am gluten free and they accommodated my food needs happily, by making a fresh batch of Gumbo! I was not expecting that at all. And it was worth the wait. I was talking to another customer waiting who grew up in Louisiana, and he was impressed with the amount of crab and shrimp in each serving. The lid barely closed it was so overflowing. Thank you!!

    Vicki S.
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    At the Ardenwood Zydeco festival on 8/16/14 we ordered some greens and a hot link sandwich. While 5 cooks were dwiddling their thumbs or dancing to the music , a line of 12 of us customers were waiting to get helped. My friend and I were starving but the cooks did not care. After a 35 minutes wait the "food" arrived: a small plastic container holding about 5 ounces of excessively salted soggy unrecognizable overcooked and unedible "greens" accopanied by a miserable looking piece of "cornbread" ( = in fact a poorly fried pancake ) ; The hot link ? a vulgar sausage so tough I could not bite through it. The bread ? ONE slice of white bread cut diagonally toasted to imperfection. We through it all away. And had paid $16. Rip off ! Health department please close them down. And EDD please don't grant them unemployment benefits if they ever file . These folks despite , they shining little computer machine in which they proudly slide your credit cards in, should be on the street sweeping for the rest of their lives for a living, if they can hold a broom that is...

    Jean-Sylvain N.