Three Tips To Get Your Food Business Back On Track

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Over the past eighteen months, many restaurants have been forced to down their shutters due to the pandemic. To stay in business, a lot of these eateries have quickly pivoted to offer home deliveries. It’s led to an increase in cloud kitchens which has made the catering space increasingly competitive.

However, if you’re a caterer or a personal chef, don’t panic if your enterprise has shrunk considerably over the last few months. To get back on track, it’s essential to think outside the box. So, if you’re planning to revamp your food business, here are a few tips to ensure that your project is successful.

1. Stay in touch via email from time-to-time
During these unprecedented times, communication is vital. If you already have a database of clients, ensure that you send them an email at regular intervals. You could highlight new recipes, wish them on their birthday, or provide an update on protocols during COVID-19. It will let them know that you’re still alive and kicking.

2. Offer a special discount for more significant orders
If you have loyal clients, it’s easier to entice them to spend more to enhance your profit margin rather than searching for new customers. Therefore, you could create a deal where customers get a more significant discount if they order for more than fifteen people.

3. Create a call to action
The calendar is packed full of special anniversaries and celebrations, which are optimum times to take advantage of people on vacation. Remember to plan any upcoming promotional events and celebrations ahead of time and propose a definite closing date— for example, order by November 1, 2021. Once the content for the promotion announcement is created, it’s essential to read it and see if the offer you’re providing has been worded correctly to avoid any misunderstanding. Also, once the special event or contest is open for the public to enter, it’s vital to check your email regularly to acknowledge participants’ feedback.

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