How COVID-19 Affected Our Business

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Catering food through the pandemic was quite challenging because people were not open to eating out and, for the most part, wanted to cook their food at home. Everyone was spending as much time as possible in their houses. When it came to work, they were getting everything done remotely and having meetings online to reduce the chances of catching the virus. There were other changes that they were getting through, and adapting to them was a bit challenging at first. Eventually, they started ordering their food, groceries, and other requirements to their homes instead of going to the store to collect them.

The changes meant that companies and businesses were finding it challenging to meet their customers. Additionally, people did not want to do anything that involved interacting with another person because they wanted to reduce their chances of getting sick. There were other changes that they were getting through as well. We were finding it challenging to keep up at the start of the pandemic because there were many changes that we had to adhere to. With fewer customers working with catering services, getting anything done was challenging.

Other than the inability to meet as many people as we wanted, there were other changes that we had to keep up with. While many got in touch with us when they needed any catering, others would connect with us when they were having a small get-together or another event. With the pandemic, most of those slowed down completely, so we were not finding many more clients to work with. Our business started taking a hit as people’s orders were greatly reduced.

We were trying to maintain the same relationship that we had with our clients, and we were making sure that we did not make changes that they would find challenging to get through. While many could change the way they were communicating, stop meeting in person, or get as much done remotely, these were all luxuries that we could not be a part of. We had to work in person and deliver food instead of getting things done remotely.

Although we were working in person, we had to make sure that we were following all the rules and norms that were put forth. People coming into work had to wear their masks, use sanitizers as often as possible, and we were constantly cleaning to make sure that everyone we were working with was safe. We did not want anyone we were working with to get sick because of anything we were doing. When it came to deliveries, we were using no-touch deliveries as often as possible. Additionally, we were using zoom and working on telephone orders so people could still get tier orders without leaving their homes. We were encouraging as many of our clients as possible to have them communicate with us online if they were not comfortable having it in person. We would even make the necessary arrangements so we could have the food delivered to their homes to assist them with getting through the process sooner. We love to participate in virtual public events and business expos to create more awareness about our work.

We had to make changes to the number of hours that we were putting in because we did not have as much work anymore. Most of our clients were not placing any large orders at that time which meant we did not have as much to do. With the decline in the number of orders, we had a much lower need for a commercial kitchen and were making changes to get through those.

We were trying to keep up with all the changes taking place to get through the process. We could not wait for things to get better so we could assist all the clients we were working with about their requirements to get through the process.

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